25 November, 2006

Rooster - wde

For the wde of 25-11, I selected to paint the rooster since I wanted to move away from my favourite colourway green/blue.

Its acrylics on a canvas board of size 20cms*25cms.

Took about 3 hours in total. Surprisingly, I started with painting the background in blue…. but then stuck on to a grey… :) As always, acrylics posed a little trouble. It started drying and I was struggling to get the colours right. The final painting looks nice, since from a distance a few flaws of the brush-strokes is not evident. Overall a good experience with colour mixing.

Wonder if I will be able to work further on two paintings that I started earlier....

19 November, 2006

hisbiscus on hat - wde

This was a 45 minutes adventure trip with dry crayons, terrain was sketch paper and i only covered an area of 16cms*12cms. realised that my skills with crayons was the same where i last used them....1st grade

But it was fun and in the spirit of wde published it....