15 December, 2007

baby and flower

This was for WDE hosted by Beth. Its charcoal on paper.

03 December, 2007

wde 01-dec : butterfly in the blue box

This is acrylic on canvas and size 6"*8". Took about 1 1/2 hour to complete.

20 September, 2007

wde 14-Sept

I made these two for the wde of 14th Sept hosted by Lori.

Grain elevator - felt pen on sketch paper 20cms*27cms

Blacksmith - pencil on sketch paper 20cms*27cms

16 July, 2007

cherry blossom and 2 colour challenge

WDE for 14-07 was hosted by Chloe and she had some very nice images and a very interesting challenge... to paint using only 2 colours.

I decided to do the cherry blossom. Going back to the new transparent photo colour was not fun to begin with as can be seen in the first attempt. The petals came up ok but then the colour of the anthers came up too dark. Size approx 14cms*14cms.

I was going to say done but decided to give it another shot. This time the colours were right and I like it as well. Size approx 19cms*14cms.

Then came the challenge. We were to select one of the images and paint it using only two colours. I selected the musician son for this. Two colours used are ivory grey and skin hue. I feel sorry for this guy... I really made a bad work on the face. This is approx 13cms*24cms.

10 July, 2007

sketches for scavenger hunt 46

I did these sketches for scavenger hunt 46. I dont know now if I will put any colours to these though.

dragonfly wde 06-07

I did this in "transparent photo colours" from camlin on sketch pad. Approx size is 15cms*20cms. Took approx 1 1/2 hours in total.

23 June, 2007

thorns in my mind

The photograph was taken by a fellow wder Li. I think she did a great job with the composition and colours. I knew I had to paint this the moment I saw it. After about 25mintues of sketching and another 15 minutes of initial paint layer, the painting as seen in WIP1 and looked promising. But after spending another hour and a half and with the WIP2, I concluded that this is not something I can pursue right now. And I decided to put some creativity in and finished it at what can be seen in the final one. Its acrylics on paper approx 17.5cms*17.5cms and took a total of 3 hours.



Finished painting


16 June, 2007

ice tea

Ice Tea was done after a long break. I made it for the wde of 01-jun. Thould I made a sketch the same weekend, I didnt start painting untill today. The last two weeks have been terribly hot and unbearable. So I was just surviving and couldnt even think of any work apart from "work" at office.

The monsoon god(megh raj) finally graced Delhi on friday and life is much better. The greens are greener, temperature nice, not much dust and on a whole more potent atmosphere for some work. I woke up at 5.40 in the morning and felt like painting. And picked up this one to work on. It is acrylics on strathamore watercolour paper. Approx size is 15cms*25cms. After completion, it found place on my closet : )

Final work

30 May, 2007

tipsy boat wde 26-05

This was a rough painting that I made for the wde on 26-May. The cabin portion makes the boat a bit tipsy... : )

13 May, 2007

back home apr-may 07

I am back from a good nine days at my home town, Pune. My parents have moved into a new nice apartment. I have decided to paint something for the new apartment : )
Here are some pictures that I took with my new sony camera.

25 April, 2007

autorickshaw at the corner

This is acrylics on canvas of size 20.5cms*25cms. In the first coat, I tried using the acrylic matt medium but discontinued it later since it made the painting look too dry... I am happy with the way its turned out and will be framing it....:)

10 April, 2007

quick sketches....

I did these quick sketches for wde hosted by Valri...

05 April, 2007

daisies wde 30-03

I made this for the wde hosted by Diahn on 30-mar. The colours are from Fuji transparent waster colour papers. They are fun to do and have the nicest/brightest hues...

20 March, 2007

lady leaving the house - wde

These days I am running a bit late on schedules and it took me a while to finish this painting.
It is difficult to remember how long it took, but in total must have been 4-5 hours in total. this is acrylics on canvas of size 20cms*25cms.
It was a good to finish it finally. There was no umbrella in the reference photo. But I just felt that she needed an umbrella when going out….!
I think the greens just got dark and darker and daker and have taken focus off the lady. But as I said these days I am happy with just completing the projects… Improvement will hapen along….Also the head portion looks bad. The hat is placed much above the head.... need to get back to bascis of drawing for a while I guess.....

18 March, 2007

lucky oak leaf - wde

For the wde of 17-Mar, I wanted to do the sailboats in the below photograph. But chickened out as I didnt want to take up something that would not get completed quick. But have saved that image to paint some time later.I did the leaf. Quick sketch with pen on drawing paper, must have taken 20 minutes. Size is approx 15cms*12cms

15 March, 2007

cars on the street - wde

I did this quick sketch. approx 10cms*14cms. It was very challenging in terms of the perspective and am pretty happy with the outcome. I have saved the reference picture to paint sometime in the future.

25 February, 2007

bearded domnic and the challenge - wde

I decided to paint Dominic, a fellow artist on the wde forum. All went well untill I started the face. It was too difficult and the more I worked on it, the more it got complicated. So I chose to put a beard onto him. He isnt looking bad I guess.

This is acrylic on drawing paper. Approx 15cms*10cms.

The host has also given a challenge... she had posted one of her poems and wanted us to paint on that theme... I painted the sunset for this challenge... it is very tiny... 2.5cms83cms.

17 February, 2007

sketches - wde

These were two quick sketches for wdes...

14 January, 2007

haybales - wde

I made this acrylics on a canvas sized 20cms*25cms for the wde 12-01. I love the way there is a play of light and shadows in this painting. The haybales were much difficult to do than they looked. I didnt go into much detail and left them just where they looked like haybales….

05 January, 2007

apples - wde

I painted these for the last wde of 2006. It took me a little more than 2 hours to do this oil on canvas sized 25.5cms*30.5cms. I am happy with the outcome. Now waiting for the paint to dry so that I can run my hand over the painting to feel the texture.