20 January, 2008

harbour sign : wde 18-jan

For the wde hosted by Maritjil, I decided to paint the harbour sign since I was instantly attracted by its composition and bright colours.
The lines are a little beserk, in the sense that the sketch doesnt follow the original so much. But looks nice after the paint went on.
This is 15cms*11.25cms in size, photocolours on sketch paper with outlines in fine tip marker pen.
Just to keep an update, the new years resolution sketches are on but its tough to take pictures and post. I need to find out an easier way of uploading this. Will work on something...!

12 January, 2008

wk 01 sketches 01-06 jan

Resolutions are not that easy to keep as they are to make. It was good to push oneself but also a bit troublesome since it kept me away from some ease and cosy bed in this winters. This is a 2b pencil on white sketch paper. Some of the pictures look as on blue paper, thanks to my camera skills :)
Here they go....

06 January, 2008

men at work - wde 04-jan

This is oil on oil paper, size approx 9cms*6cms... very small.
I made this for the wde hosted by Li. It must have taken an hour in total.

01 January, 2008

new years resolution...!

This year I have made a resolution that will push me take more rapid steps in my journey of art.... I call this the 35 sketches a week challenge. I think good sketching is fundamental to good work may it be a painting, graphic, sculptor etc and its important to have the flow, which I need to develop. No rules as such but the sketches have to be quick and not detailed ones. Quick is a key word, confident lines one of the goals. I will be posting the sketches for respective week during every weekend.

If possible, I will also try to incorporte the lessons from "How to draw what you see" by Rudy De Reyna in this challenge.

Bon Voyage!