17 December, 2006

foggy harbour... where's the fog - wde

Foggy Harbour was painted on 16th dec for wde hosted by JamieWG. This is 15cms*20.5cms, oil on canvas. I was very happy to be able to complete this painting in less than 2hours and am looking forward to take up oils a little seriously now. I now wonder if I should add some clouds since something is amiss in the sky…!


16 December, 2006

mysterious friend - wde

This was one of the images that I had provided for the wde I hosted on 01-Dec. The image is of a friend of mine and was ready to go to another friends marriage when the picture was taken. Everyone at the wde found his look mysterious so I named this painting so....
This is acrylic on canvas board of size 30.5cms*25cms.
I also used the acrylic retardent that I bought in Bangalore. Though it didnt help keep the paint wet on the canvas, it did keep the paint on the palette wet for a while.
This was my first portrait and I am happy with the result in terms that there is some appreciable continuity in the skin tones. Also the eyes look good. There is though a huge scope for improvement…lol
Once the face was done, I painted the tunic and headgear really quick in a loose style.

10 December, 2006

eggs or amoeba - wde

I have come to bangalore for work. I had not carried any of my paints/brushes. But when I found that there was net connection at the flat I couldnt resist joining the wde…. and with some difficuty found a store and picked up a canvas 15cms*20cms, burnt sienna acrylic colour and a brush…. the result….
This weeks wde was hosted by Al and he had posted black and white colour pics and had aksed to add colours as one wished. But I couldnt put colours since the store had small tubes of burnt sienna only… all other colours were either 120ml tubes or only in sets of 12….

A good thing I found in that store was drying retardents for acrylics. I will try it when I’m back home the coming weekend.

Rest is good… the weather is wonderful in Bangalore and nice. Love the greenery here…. But also that the place where I’m staying is upmarket….! Wish Delhi was equally greener and had fresher air….