23 June, 2007

thorns in my mind

The photograph was taken by a fellow wder Li. I think she did a great job with the composition and colours. I knew I had to paint this the moment I saw it. After about 25mintues of sketching and another 15 minutes of initial paint layer, the painting as seen in WIP1 and looked promising. But after spending another hour and a half and with the WIP2, I concluded that this is not something I can pursue right now. And I decided to put some creativity in and finished it at what can be seen in the final one. Its acrylics on paper approx 17.5cms*17.5cms and took a total of 3 hours.



Finished painting


16 June, 2007

ice tea

Ice Tea was done after a long break. I made it for the wde of 01-jun. Thould I made a sketch the same weekend, I didnt start painting untill today. The last two weeks have been terribly hot and unbearable. So I was just surviving and couldnt even think of any work apart from "work" at office.

The monsoon god(megh raj) finally graced Delhi on friday and life is much better. The greens are greener, temperature nice, not much dust and on a whole more potent atmosphere for some work. I woke up at 5.40 in the morning and felt like painting. And picked up this one to work on. It is acrylics on strathamore watercolour paper. Approx size is 15cms*25cms. After completion, it found place on my closet : )

Final work