17 December, 2006

foggy harbour... where's the fog - wde

Foggy Harbour was painted on 16th dec for wde hosted by JamieWG. This is 15cms*20.5cms, oil on canvas. I was very happy to be able to complete this painting in less than 2hours and am looking forward to take up oils a little seriously now. I now wonder if I should add some clouds since something is amiss in the sky…!


16 December, 2006

mysterious friend - wde

This was one of the images that I had provided for the wde I hosted on 01-Dec. The image is of a friend of mine and was ready to go to another friends marriage when the picture was taken. Everyone at the wde found his look mysterious so I named this painting so....
This is acrylic on canvas board of size 30.5cms*25cms.
I also used the acrylic retardent that I bought in Bangalore. Though it didnt help keep the paint wet on the canvas, it did keep the paint on the palette wet for a while.
This was my first portrait and I am happy with the result in terms that there is some appreciable continuity in the skin tones. Also the eyes look good. There is though a huge scope for improvement…lol
Once the face was done, I painted the tunic and headgear really quick in a loose style.

10 December, 2006

eggs or amoeba - wde

I have come to bangalore for work. I had not carried any of my paints/brushes. But when I found that there was net connection at the flat I couldnt resist joining the wde…. and with some difficuty found a store and picked up a canvas 15cms*20cms, burnt sienna acrylic colour and a brush…. the result….
This weeks wde was hosted by Al and he had posted black and white colour pics and had aksed to add colours as one wished. But I couldnt put colours since the store had small tubes of burnt sienna only… all other colours were either 120ml tubes or only in sets of 12….

A good thing I found in that store was drying retardents for acrylics. I will try it when I’m back home the coming weekend.

Rest is good… the weather is wonderful in Bangalore and nice. Love the greenery here…. But also that the place where I’m staying is upmarket….! Wish Delhi was equally greener and had fresher air….

25 November, 2006

Rooster - wde

For the wde of 25-11, I selected to paint the rooster since I wanted to move away from my favourite colourway green/blue.

Its acrylics on a canvas board of size 20cms*25cms.

Took about 3 hours in total. Surprisingly, I started with painting the background in blue…. but then stuck on to a grey… :) As always, acrylics posed a little trouble. It started drying and I was struggling to get the colours right. The final painting looks nice, since from a distance a few flaws of the brush-strokes is not evident. Overall a good experience with colour mixing.

Wonder if I will be able to work further on two paintings that I started earlier....

19 November, 2006

hisbiscus on hat - wde

This was a 45 minutes adventure trip with dry crayons, terrain was sketch paper and i only covered an area of 16cms*12cms. realised that my skills with crayons was the same where i last used them....1st grade

But it was fun and in the spirit of wde published it....

28 October, 2006

Vancouver city skyline - wde

I am working on another image from last weeks wde. It is a harbour scene. I started working with oils. But after the first coat I realised that it is not going to work since it was taking a lot of time[still wet after 5 days] to dry and would get spoiled with the huge amount of dust that keeps coming into our house from god knows where. So I moved to acrylics and below is the canvas after the first coat.

Also posting the reference image…
Just realised that the colours look quite different…. hmmmm…. not my mistake, I was painting from a printout which has taken different tones of the original. This point on, I will keep coming back to the computer to have colours close to original.

up there - wde

This is painting I did today for the weekend drawing event on wetcanvas.com . This is acrylic on sketch paper, size 13.5cms by 24.5cms. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to do inclusive of the mess created by a tube of white oil paint that was lying with the acrylics. So the white on the boat is in oils and will take atleast 2 days to dry but I call this done…..

I had planned the composition of the painting to be this….

but the uncropped version is also not bad….

20 August, 2006


This is a rough sketch I did for a wde. But I doubt if I will ever put colour on to it.... : (

28 July, 2006

Carmel Cottage - wde

I made this sketch of the Carmel cottage... must be a nice place.

Initial sketch by pencil and then a 0.3 black liner on sketch paper of A4 size but doesnt really cover the whole page.

23 July, 2006

july scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun. We were to sketch all items on a list provided by one of the members. The sketches were to be made from life, not photos/imagination. Here they go....
fish (toy, real, food) - I did this item the last and since I could not find any item in for this, I went and bought a fish from the market to cook...
sandwichpiece of jewelry - this was my pierced ear... sadly I removed the ring a month or so later since it wouldnt dry... nut beverage3 items from your kitchentrash container wooden item
bowlYour hand item you use for/with/on your hair toothbrushSomething with numbers on it
Your keysWater pillow -this was my favourite.. came out really nice..Something greenCheese set of salt and pepper shakers window furry itemYour noseButtons sports itemA favorite snack item - This is maggi masala noodles...hmmmm yummy.... mouths started watering....item that starts with the letter "E" - extension box

21 July, 2006

Before Darien changed for ever - wde

This is in watercolour on sketch paper. Size is approx 18cms*15cms. Its a very small painting and was fun to work on. Think the perspective is a little wonky... : )

16 July, 2006

mike mike mike mike....! - wde

This is acrylics on drawing paper, size is 26cms*18cms. I named it after the seagulls in the movie Finding Nemo. Its one of my favourite movies....
This was my first shot at impressionist style and it was fun. Only that if the brush strokes were a little softer, the calmness of the sea would have been better. But am happy with it as it is.
Since there was a challenge for the week, I also did two quick sketches. Will attach them later.

05 July, 2006

baby maureen sketch - wde

This was a quick sketch for wde hosted by Maureen. The image is very blurred... but I like the softness of the lines due to this : )

02 July, 2006

july sketchcrawl

I had planned out a sketchcrawl for a group but unfortunately others could not join me for one reason or the other. The most common being that in India we have 6 days a week work schedule and no one wanted to take a day off for the sketchcrawl. So enrico next time we have the sketchcrawl, request you to keep it on a sunday.
I started at 9.00 in a orissa temple, hauz khas village which is in south delhi. ere's a painting of the temple,This is the offering for the gods in the temple,

By the time I finished my prayers and the two paintings, it was about 11.45 and the sun had come overhead. I could barely walk on the marble floor of the temple due to the heat.
I moved to barista[a cafe] from here. The next sketch was made before I had my brunch and the perspective looks terrible as I was really hungry. The painting is better as it was done after I had the sandwich and coffee :lol:
From here I moved to a park and sketched this bench. There was a guy sleeping on the bench but he woke up before i could even start sketching him :cry: . Need to be quicker next time. And please do not miss that little squirrel near the right leg of the bench. The squirrel was fast..less than 2 minutes :)

That was the end of my day. Will try to be quicker next time and do more sketches.

There is a link below for suggestions/comments that are most welcome.


p.s. As some of you will be new to the concept of sketchcrawl, thought it would be good to leave these links explaining what sketchcrawl is...

This is the explanation of how the concept of the Sketchcrawl was born and what it has developed into - by Enrico Casarosa, the bloke who dreamt it up.


These are the suggested art materials


You can see the sketches Enrico did on his very first experimental sketchcrawl here


If you want to join the next sketchcrawl leave your mail id and i will keep you posted.

23 June, 2006

doorway - wde

This is one of the paintings that is still wip. But I plan to finish it before its a year from the day I started...
I first started with an idea to paint this in acrylics on paper.

After doing the initial drawing as above, the subject looed promising and so decided to move to canvas.
This is how the final pencil drawing looked on canvas....

I started with acrylics and after doing the ground paint, felt that the details could be handled better with oils... omg! then moved to oils.. and am still trying to move it forward....lol

I will now post the wips in oil with the final one after completing it.