28 July, 2006

Carmel Cottage - wde

I made this sketch of the Carmel cottage... must be a nice place.

Initial sketch by pencil and then a 0.3 black liner on sketch paper of A4 size but doesnt really cover the whole page.

23 July, 2006

july scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun. We were to sketch all items on a list provided by one of the members. The sketches were to be made from life, not photos/imagination. Here they go....
fish (toy, real, food) - I did this item the last and since I could not find any item in for this, I went and bought a fish from the market to cook...
sandwichpiece of jewelry - this was my pierced ear... sadly I removed the ring a month or so later since it wouldnt dry... nut beverage3 items from your kitchentrash container wooden item
bowlYour hand item you use for/with/on your hair toothbrushSomething with numbers on it
Your keysWater pillow -this was my favourite.. came out really nice..Something greenCheese set of salt and pepper shakers window furry itemYour noseButtons sports itemA favorite snack item - This is maggi masala noodles...hmmmm yummy.... mouths started watering....item that starts with the letter "E" - extension box

21 July, 2006

Before Darien changed for ever - wde

This is in watercolour on sketch paper. Size is approx 18cms*15cms. Its a very small painting and was fun to work on. Think the perspective is a little wonky... : )

16 July, 2006

mike mike mike mike....! - wde

This is acrylics on drawing paper, size is 26cms*18cms. I named it after the seagulls in the movie Finding Nemo. Its one of my favourite movies....
This was my first shot at impressionist style and it was fun. Only that if the brush strokes were a little softer, the calmness of the sea would have been better. But am happy with it as it is.
Since there was a challenge for the week, I also did two quick sketches. Will attach them later.

05 July, 2006

baby maureen sketch - wde

This was a quick sketch for wde hosted by Maureen. The image is very blurred... but I like the softness of the lines due to this : )

02 July, 2006

july sketchcrawl

I had planned out a sketchcrawl for a group but unfortunately others could not join me for one reason or the other. The most common being that in India we have 6 days a week work schedule and no one wanted to take a day off for the sketchcrawl. So enrico next time we have the sketchcrawl, request you to keep it on a sunday.
I started at 9.00 in a orissa temple, hauz khas village which is in south delhi. ere's a painting of the temple,This is the offering for the gods in the temple,

By the time I finished my prayers and the two paintings, it was about 11.45 and the sun had come overhead. I could barely walk on the marble floor of the temple due to the heat.
I moved to barista[a cafe] from here. The next sketch was made before I had my brunch and the perspective looks terrible as I was really hungry. The painting is better as it was done after I had the sandwich and coffee :lol:
From here I moved to a park and sketched this bench. There was a guy sleeping on the bench but he woke up before i could even start sketching him :cry: . Need to be quicker next time. And please do not miss that little squirrel near the right leg of the bench. The squirrel was fast..less than 2 minutes :)

That was the end of my day. Will try to be quicker next time and do more sketches.

There is a link below for suggestions/comments that are most welcome.


p.s. As some of you will be new to the concept of sketchcrawl, thought it would be good to leave these links explaining what sketchcrawl is...

This is the explanation of how the concept of the Sketchcrawl was born and what it has developed into - by Enrico Casarosa, the bloke who dreamt it up.


These are the suggested art materials


You can see the sketches Enrico did on his very first experimental sketchcrawl here


If you want to join the next sketchcrawl leave your mail id and i will keep you posted.