16 July, 2007

cherry blossom and 2 colour challenge

WDE for 14-07 was hosted by Chloe and she had some very nice images and a very interesting challenge... to paint using only 2 colours.

I decided to do the cherry blossom. Going back to the new transparent photo colour was not fun to begin with as can be seen in the first attempt. The petals came up ok but then the colour of the anthers came up too dark. Size approx 14cms*14cms.

I was going to say done but decided to give it another shot. This time the colours were right and I like it as well. Size approx 19cms*14cms.

Then came the challenge. We were to select one of the images and paint it using only two colours. I selected the musician son for this. Two colours used are ivory grey and skin hue. I feel sorry for this guy... I really made a bad work on the face. This is approx 13cms*24cms.

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