23 July, 2006

july scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun. We were to sketch all items on a list provided by one of the members. The sketches were to be made from life, not photos/imagination. Here they go....
fish (toy, real, food) - I did this item the last and since I could not find any item in for this, I went and bought a fish from the market to cook...
sandwichpiece of jewelry - this was my pierced ear... sadly I removed the ring a month or so later since it wouldnt dry... nut beverage3 items from your kitchentrash container wooden item
bowlYour hand item you use for/with/on your hair toothbrushSomething with numbers on it
Your keysWater pillow -this was my favourite.. came out really nice..Something greenCheese set of salt and pepper shakers window furry itemYour noseButtons sports itemA favorite snack item - This is maggi masala noodles...hmmmm yummy.... mouths started watering....item that starts with the letter "E" - extension box

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