16 December, 2006

mysterious friend - wde

This was one of the images that I had provided for the wde I hosted on 01-Dec. The image is of a friend of mine and was ready to go to another friends marriage when the picture was taken. Everyone at the wde found his look mysterious so I named this painting so....
This is acrylic on canvas board of size 30.5cms*25cms.
I also used the acrylic retardent that I bought in Bangalore. Though it didnt help keep the paint wet on the canvas, it did keep the paint on the palette wet for a while.
This was my first portrait and I am happy with the result in terms that there is some appreciable continuity in the skin tones. Also the eyes look good. There is though a huge scope for improvement…lol
Once the face was done, I painted the tunic and headgear really quick in a loose style.

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